Abel Nieto

Hello! My name is Abel, and I’m a PhD student at Aarhus University, where I'm a member of the Logic and Semantics group, as well as the Center for Basic Research in Program Verification. My advisor is Lars Birkedal.

I work on formal verification of distributed systems. I'm also interested in programming language design, type theory, program analysis, and compilers.



  1. Distributed Causal Memory: Modular Specification andVerification in Higher-Order Distributed Separation Logic |.pdf
    Léon Gondelman, Simon Oddershede Gregersen, Abel Nieto, Amin Timany, Lars Birkedal
    Conditionally Accepted to POPL 2021
  2. Blame for Null |.pdf, code
    Abel Nieto, Marianna Rapoport, Gregor Richards, Ondřej Lhoták
    To appear in ECOOP 2020
  3. Scala with Explicit Nulls |.pdf, code
    Abel Nieto, Yaoyu Zhao, Ondřej Lhoták, Angela Chang, Justin Pu
    To appear in ECOOP 2020
  4. Towards Algorithmic Typing for DOT (Short Paper) |.pdf, talk
    Abel Nieto
    Scala Symposium 2017

technical reports

  1. Tamarin: Concolic Disequivalence for MIPS |.pdf
    Abel Nieto
  2. Towards Algorithmic Typing for DOT |.pdf
    Abel Nieto


  1. Scala with Explicit Nulls |.pdf
    master thesis, University of Waterloo, 2019